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Becoming Ossola

The best and more exclusive experiences to live genuinely mauntains in Val d'Ossola

We cannot explain what is Becoming Ossola, without speaking about us. Who are we?
We are a group of boy and girls, united by a shared passion for our beloved Ossola.
We are also trip lovers, young explorers who know what a tourist looks for when visiting a territory still unknown.

We are not only travel lovers, we are professionals, each with his own specialty:
Andrea is the man of experience, the chairman of a cooperative that has been encouraging young people in our area for years , to believe in their projects, crazy or not, and supports them in achieving them.

Luigi is a web designer and web-marketing specialist, a professional who is responsible to make our site the ideal place to discover the Ossola, by making you feel at ease and by giving you the tools to find the right experience for you ... are you fine food and wine lovers? Select your favourite experience between the areas of interest designed specifically for you and get inspired!

Simona and Francesca are true travel experts with a wide expertise and experience in the field. For a couple of years they have created a talented team and have opened their own travel agency.

And then comes Alessia, the copywriter of the group, which aim is to convey all the emotions Val d'Ossola can inspire: the sense of peace when breathing the wood-scent ,the emotion to see deers living in their natural habitat, a sense of powerlessness looking at the European highest waterfall, the amazement in visiting the ravines, the daily joy to look around and think to be lucky.

What is certain is that each of us feels that we live in a wonderful place, and for this reason, the challenge of BecomingOssola is very simple: we want you to know that Ossola is the perfect unexpected destination for your holidays.

Try something new, discover the Val d'Ossola through the experiences that we offer you: these will help you to create your personal travel program. And if you don't want to worry, just rely on our packets of one or more days, which will guide you in exploring a territory rich in variety and attractions.
In the experience presentation section you will find all the information necessary to be properly prepared for your trip.

Clarity and transparency are key values for us. However, if you are still curious or should you have any doubts, you can contact our customer service at the address info@becomingossola.com ; we will answer as soon as we can!

BecomingOssola is part of a project aimed at promoting sustainable tourism, promoted by Aurive cooperative social , in collaboration with the freelance web-designer Luigi Tripodi and with the Angolo nel Mondo Viaggi travel agency. The entire project is co-financed by GAL Lakes and Mountains (limited responsibility consortium) of the Verbano Cusio Ossola.

BecomingOssola is part of Associazione Startup Turismo