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Do I have to register online to book a reservation?

You do not need a profile to make a reservation. You just have to complete and submit the booking form. You will receive an email that your request has been accepted, then you will receive a further email notification with successful or unsuccessful outcome of the booking.

Do I have to send my credit card over the Internet to book a reservation?
There is no need of credit card if your experience does not include any overnight stay. We have confidence in you. Should you have any problem after the booking confirmation, please inform us promptly by sending an email at the following e-mail address: info@becomingossola.com. In this case you will not be charged. If your experience includes an overnight stay, you will be requested to guarantee your reservation with a credit card. This information is specified in the relevant section. For further details on the procedure please see the following answers.

How do I know if my reservation is confirmed?
Subject to availability, we will send you a confirmation email within a few hours with all the reservation details. In case of non-availability, we will suggest you alternative date or experience similar to the one you want.

Do I have to follow the specified time of arrival?
Time of arrival allows you to better live your experience as well as optimise its organisation. Please arrive in time. Should you be late, please contact the property by phone. Contacts details can be found in the experience section.


Do you accommodate late check-out?
Only experiences with overnight stay have scheduled check-out. For information regarding a later check-out time, contact the property. Please note that it is submitted to availability. We suggest you to ask in advance.

Are pets accepted?
Pets are accepted if requested at the sole discretion of the property. You may be required to pay a supplement (to be paid locally). You can submit your request during the reservation process. Certain properties indicate if they are able or unable to accept pets in the experience section.





Is it possible to change a confirmed reservation?
Generally, you can change your reservation, even if it has been confirmed. For this reason, please do not abuse this flexibility.

Is it possible to cancel a confirmed reservation?
Generally, you can cancel your reservation, even if it has been confirmed. For this reason, please do not abuse this flexibility. Cancelling your reservation is submitted to restrictions only for certain experiences that include overnight stay. Further information can be found in the relevant section.

How do I know if my reservation has been changed or cancelled?
You will receive a confirmation email. If you have not received the confirmation email, please check the junk folder. If you still can't see the email, please contact our customer service or send us an email with your reservation details, at the address:info@becomingossola.com..





What does the experience price include?
By clicking on the experience section you can see all services included in the price in a clear, transparent and complete manner.

Are prices intend per person?
Prices are intended per person and include the entire experience, unless otherwise specified in the experience typology or description.

Does the price include tourist taxes?
Tourist taxes are provided for in case of overnight stay only and generally, are included in the price unless otherwise specified in the relevant section.

Do you apply a slot reservation fee?
No, we do not apply any slot reservation fee. You will only pay your experience (to be paid locally).

Are there special prices for children?
All information regarding children can be found in every single section. In some cases is possible to pay a family rate. Again, all information regarding children can be found in the relevant section.




Why do you require my credit card information for certain experiences?
If necessary and submitted to agreement with the property, your credit card information is required to guarantee only. This will not imply any charge. Your credit card may be pre-authorised for the total amount of the experience cost. Thereafter, the total amount will be available again. Charges may apply only in case of advance payment or if the cancellation conditions laid down in the relevant section have not been complied with.

What does pre-authorisation mean?
By booking with credit card, the property may want to contact the credit card issuing company in order to have a confirmation of its validity and to verify if it has not been lost or stolen. The property might want to check if there is enough funds to cover the cost of your stay. This procedure is called pre-authorisation and applies for the full cost of your reservation. No fee will be charged by the property. The amount will not be charged to your credit card until your arrival. 

What is the difference between pre-authorisation and charge?
Pre-authorisation is a simple operation that is commonly confused with charge. Differently from purchases in conventional shops which are immediately charged and deducted from the available balance on your credit card,  pre-authorisation is a temporary hold of a specific amount. The credit card issuing company can give you further information regarding management procedures.

How do I know if my credit card is pre-authorised?

Your available balance will be temporary reduced by the total amount of your reservation. You may notice pending operation in the summary of your bank account.

How long does the "hold" of the amount on my credit card last?
Times are variable and depend on the credit card issuing company to which you can ask for further details on general terms and conditions of pre-authorisation.

Does pre-authorisation apply to all the reservation made with my credit card?
Properties reserve the right of pre-authorise credit cards, but do not always do so. In case of pre-authorisation, the property and the credit card issuing company will assist you and, sometimes, they will also be able to earlier remove the "hold" of the amount. 


Is it possible to make a reservation with a credit card owned by another person?

Reservation with a credit card owned by another person is allowed alone with the consent of the interested one. In this case, at the time of booking please remember to introduce the name of the credit card owner.  


Which credit cards are accepted ?
The following credit cards are accepted: MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Diners, Paypal. Properties reserve the right to pre-authorise your credit card prior to arrival.

Is my credit card information safe?
Your credit card information is protected by a safe connection. Personal and credit card data will be encrypted. Our server uses secure socket layer (SSL) standard protocol.

The credit card used for my reservation is not valid anymore. What should I do?
Contact us  at the following address info@becomingossola.com. For safety reasons, we advise you not to communicate your credit card information by email.


I’m sending my credit card information. When will my payment be made?
Credit card information is required to guarantee only. The amount will not be charged to your credit card until your arrival.

Will I be required to pay in advance or will you require a deposit and return?
Most of properties do not require any advance payment or deposit . Otherwise, you will find all information in the relevant section.

Is it possible to pay in advance?
It depends on the property. If you want to know it, contact the property after the reservation to arrange the payment.  Addresses of the property are specified in the confirmation email of the reservation.

Is it possible to pay with a credit card which is different from the one I used for the reservation?
Generally yes and you can also pay by cash. Anyway check that your new credit card is accepted by your selected property.



Should you have any doubts or simply want to have further information please contact us at any time at the following address:info@becomingossola.com.

We will answer as soon as possible in order to clarify questions and give you the best experience with Becoming Ossola.