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Val d'Ossola

Unimaginable sceneries are waiting for you and our unique experiences will lead you through an unforgattable journey.

Ossola is an Alpine valley of extraordinary beauty, located on the border between Italy and Swizerland, in the tip of Piedmont. An authentic land with no master other than the untamed nature.

A land that hides, behind the name Ossola, a surprising variety of landscapes: ancient villages, where past and present mingle, highlands with breathtaking views, everlasting glaciers, dizzying summits, hundreds of Alpine lakes and no less than 7 valleys, each of it with its own history and identity.
Ossola lets you venture through a variety of fascinating landscapes, making each visit unique.

The most important town is Domodossola, which was chief town of Lepontii.
Just a short distance from the medieval town centre, with its poetic atmosphere, you can discover each valley's most remote corners.
Different cultures and times await you: enjoy your journey admiring the Walser houses located in Formazza valley and the characteristic villages of Antrona valley. The well tended villages of Vigezzo valley are must-see destinations as well as the anzaschina culture and last but not least, the majestic Castello Visconteo located in Vogogna that will amaze you.

The Busin Lakes and, in background, The Giove Mauntain.

Surrounded by the wild enchanting nature, discover how the landscape combines with the element of water: the deep ravines,hollowed out by the erosive action of the rushing water, the Ossola snow-covered landscape which is the perfect destination for winter sports, running water and hundreds of bright-coloured puddles of water, springs from which rich mineral water flows, thermal waters where you can relax and rest, water as energy source, used for dams’ construction and architecturally stunning hydroelectric power plants.
The highest waterfall in Europe is the Toce Waterfall, under the Morasco dam, of upper Formazza valley.

You’re probably wondering why all this is so unique. Just to let you know that a small butterfly, the Erebia Christi, lives here only and that our ibexes climb on the Cingino dam, in Antrona Valley, looking for salt of which they are greedy.

We we’ll take you on an unforgettable trip to enjoy a unique experience.